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We have developed strong partnerships with renowned companies such as Svora Solutions, Pantheon, S&T, and many others, further enhancing our ability to deliver comprehensive and reliable solutions to our clients.

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Digital transformation enables the transition to paperless operations, reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of business processes. This step allows for better collaboration between teams, enhanced data security, and a faster workflow.

With Docloop, we have gained much better time organization, as well as increased efficiency and flexibility with the new system, resulting in faster work and significantly fewer errors. Docloop has a highly professional and up-to-date team that is always at our disposal. Highly commendable!

Docloop has made our business modern, streamlined, secure, and simplified. We aim to fully digitize our business processes with them and would recommend them to any company!

We are entirely satisfied with the quality of Docloop’s services, which meet our requirements, needs, and expectations. We eagerly anticipate new, innovative solutions that will enhance the digitization of our business, opening doors to new possibilities and elevating us to a new level of success.

Excellent and straightforward collaboration, the staff and all agents are extremely pleasant and available at any moment. I would recommend working with Docloop to any company.

We are more than satisfied with our collaboration with Docloop. Problem-solving is done in the shortest possible time, and responses to questions as well. A very professional and accommodating attitude towards the client. All praises.

I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with you on behalf of the company Moravacem. An exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, and creative team, always available to provide assistance and support. Through our collaboration with you, we are working on enhancing the quality of our services, learning and progressing, and keeping up with modern business trends, in order to best respond to market changes and the demands of our customers. I highly recommend collaborating with you.

Exceptional collaboration and communication, along with excellent understanding of client needs. All requests are processed very quickly and without the need for subsequent revisions. We are highly satisfied with our current collaboration, so we can confidently recommend Docloop to other companies.

We started collaborating with Docloop in 2022 regarding the implementation of electronic invoices. Considering the specificity of our information system, which is unique for 13 countries in Central and Southeastern Europe and consists of SAP + WWS, we were very concerned about how it would go. Fortunately, Docloop’s exceptional technical support resolved all issues, and we subsequently expanded the collaboration to the entire Document Management System (My DMS). With Docloop’s assistance, we created and implemented procedures defining all our paper documents. Everything went much better than expected because the procedures are an electronic version of our previous paper-based work.

Collaborating with Docloop has streamlined our business operations; their professionalism and expertise are at a high level. In addition to the professional services they offer, the teams from Docloop and Lacuna Ltd. are involved in environmental protection initiatives, which is particularly pleasing to us due to our primary goal, and even more so because of the wonderful atmosphere and camaraderie. We easily recognized ourselves in the Docloop team because we are actually the same – passionate, hardworking, and green.

Using the My-eInvoice service has been very helpful for us, especially at the beginning of working with e-invoices when the System for Electronic Invoices was not yet well executed and documented enough. Thank you!


Our team

The exciting team of Docloop is composed of a group of skilled individuals whose dedication, creativity, and teamwork ensure that our work atmosphere is infused with the energy of innovation and high professionalism.

Employees at Docloop are not only experts in their fields but also inspiring individuals whose commitment to common goals creates a strong synergy, making our work community unique and dynamic.

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Nenad Solujic

General Director

Nenad Solujić

Sanja Zugic

Head of the Environmental Protection Sector

Sanja Žugić

Aleksandar Simjanoski

Key Account Manager

Aleksandar Simjanoski

Bojan Brajovic

Sales Sector Manager

Bojan Brajović

Slavica Kravar

Finance Director

Goran Rudinac

Technical Project Manager

Goran Rudinac

Jovana Djacic

Manager of Partner Networks

Jovana Đačić

Nikola Lazic

Team Leader IT / L2 Sector

Nikola Lazić


Eco News

In the field of accounting solutions, Docloop consistently makes strides both in accounting and in the environmental sector. We are committed to sustainable practices and keep up with the latest trends in ecology, providing you with relevant news and advice for more sustainable business practices.

Stay updated with our eco-news and learn how you can contribute to environmental protection while optimizing your accounting processes at the same time.

The “Plant for Tomorrow” afforestation action carried out in Fruška Gora National Park

In line with the growing awareness of the importance of environmental conservation, companies Docloop doo and Ecoserein have joined forces with the Public Enterprise of Fruška Gora National Park to commemorate World Forest Day in an effective and inspiring manner. As part of our committed initiative, which planned the planting of 600 oak saplings, on Thursday, March 14th, we successfully planted more than 115 trees. This commendable effort is not merely a symbolic gesture but a concrete action that will contribute to the preservation of ecosystems and the creation of a healthier and cleaner environment for future generations.
As part of this comprehensive action, we designed an educational segment that attracted significant attention from participants. During this segment, representatives from the management of the Public Enterprise of Fruška Gora National Park shared their extensive knowledge on the biodiversity of this exceptional natural treasure. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the diverse plant and animal species inhabiting the park, as well as to understand more deeply the challenges this ecologically important area faces today. Through open and inspiring discussion, attendees gained insight into the complexity of preserving natural habitats and the role each individual can play in protecting and enhancing these precious ecosystems.
After completing the afforestation work at the Terazije site in the heart of Fruška Gora National Park, together with our partners and clients, we organized an unforgettable event as the final seal of the successfully completed job. This moment of gathering was not only an opportunity to celebrate the progress made in nature conservation but also a chance to strengthen mutual cooperation and exchange ideas. In a relaxed atmosphere of socializing, all volunteers had the opportunity to discuss further steps in environmental conservation and enjoy a meal with a view of the newly planted oak saplings that will grow and contribute to the richness of this beautiful natural oasis.
Docloop, as an environmentally conscious company engaged in business digitalization and the first licensed information intermediary by the Ministry of Finance for the exchange of electronic invoices and other electronic documents, generously included the nonprofit organization Otisak in the entire process of organizing green actions. Docloop, Otisak, and Ecoserein have already successfully organized an afforestation action in March 2023. The tradition continues, and the collaboration is planned to become more frequent, with more companies that wish to contribute to a greener future getting involved. If you also want to join us, you can contact us at
Involving colleagues, clients, and partners in such noble actions not only promotes the importance of environmental conservation but also deepens the sense of belonging and responsibility towards the local community. Through collective effort and engagement, a strong bond is formed between all participants, while bridges are built between the business world and nature protection. These initiatives not only raise awareness of today’s ecological challenges but also contribute to creating a positive social impact and promote the idea of sustainable development. The excitement and enthusiasm present during such events revive the spirit of community and solidarity, creating an inspirational atmosphere that inspires everyone present to engage and contribute to a better future for all of us.

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Clean up action of the Sava river – Docloop cleaned the banks of the Sava river

For the company Docloop, environmental protection is of crucial importance, and our team intends to increasingly dedicate itself to green actions year after year to enhance the natural environment. We would like to motivate other companies to join us in future initiatives, so that together we can create a brighter future for all of us, our children, and our nature!

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Docloop čišćenje priobalja reke Save - slika 3 - Neka reka Sava bude plava

World Forest Day – Docloop planted 350 new poplar trees

As part of our ecological platform 0tisak, we conducted a reforestation campaign in collaboration with the Public Enterprise Srbijašume and the company Ecoserein. During this initiative, 350 new poplar trees were planted at the Forest Management Unit Rit, marking World Forest Day.

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How does digitalization preserve the environment?

The transition to digital business can significantly reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to environmental conservation. Although it is difficult to precisely calculate the exact amount of CO2 saved by transitioning to digital business, it is clear that these changes have a positive impact on the environment.

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