Invoices, docs, VAT, even the archive. All is digital, and all is here!

What is myDMS ?

Finally, say goodbye to dusty binders, lost documents, overwhelming archives, and overdue invoices!

MyDMS is process automation software that enables the digital processing, recording, control, approval, and archiving of the entire inbound and outbound documentation of a business system.

My DMS offers a range of modules that are CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSES AND NEEDS, so that you can access and view electronic documentation from anywhere or any device, whether it’s invoices, accounting and business documents, or contracts.



Why myDMS?

Manage your entire business documentation easily and quickly with a service that will forever change the way you run your business.

Complete control and process optimization in one place.

MyDMS opens the doors to digital transformation that increases productivity, reduces costs, and achieves desired results faster, more efficiently, and comprehensively. MyDMS is a multifunctional digital platform that will replace your shelves with binders, provide insight into every document entering the system, keep track of document status, and relieve you of unnecessary time-consuming steps.

All of this with full compliance with current legal regulations. Your first step towards PAPERLESS SMART BUSINESS.


Moj DMS - ciljevi


The intelligent MyDMS software optimizes business workflows and records documents, providing:

  • All documentation on one platform
  • Visibility
  • Accessibility – local and remote access
  • Monitoring and control of activities
  • Collaboration on documents
  • Compatibility with various ERP solutions


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